0207 6036095 


The School office for all administration purposes is at

Miss Delaney’s Nursery Schools Ltd
Avondale Park Lodge
Walmer Road
London W11 4PQ
Tel: 020 7603 6095

Please note that outside office hours the answering machine is always on and the machine is checked on a regular basis. 


We use a messaging system called Clarioncall which allows the school to send text messages and e-mails directly to parents quickly and securely should we need to notify or remind parents of events. Information such as Weekly News bulletins and end of term newsletters are also circulated this way to decrease paper usage.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings are held each term. These are an opportunity for parents to have a face to face conversation with their child’s teacher about their child's progress and general wellbeing. Parents are able to come to school for their appointment or we can arrange it on Teams.

Parent and Nursery Partnership

Miss Delaney’s acknowledges that parents significantly influence their children’s learning. We believe that, when parents and teachers work together to support the individual child’s learning, the results can have a measurable and lasting effect on the child’s long-term progress.

The School strives to promote an effective partnership between home and Nursery by:

  • Recognising the role of the parent in the early education of their child and the importance of their involvement with the ongoing learning of the child.

  • Parents are always made to feel welcome in the School environment. We strive to provide opportunities for collaboration between parents, staff and the child.

  • Parents are fully informed of their child’s progress and achievements throughout the term.


All children attending Miss Delaney’s have a personal online Learning Journal called Tapestry, which records photos, observations and comments in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. This enables us to build up a record of each child’s learning and progress during their time with us and allows parents a regular update of life inside the nursery.