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Miss Delaney’s strikes the perfect balance between nurturing pastoral care and fun filled dynamic energetic activity! Happy children all around! A very special place to begin the journey for both the mind and heart. 
We have been delighted with Miss Delaney’s - our daughter has never been happier. She comes home chattering away about her new friends and with a satchel bulging full of artwork each week; each morning she stands at the front door, banging her scooter against it, desperate to be taken there! 
Every morning, without fail, my son is the first to run into school and cannot get his coat off quickly enough to begin all the interesting and wide ranging activities which have been set up his teachers. It is truly wonderful to know that your child is so content and happy that he is excited and eager to go through the gate!  
Mrs Murray's positivity and energy pervades the whole nursery. She sets the whole day off on the right track with her huge welcoming smile at the door. Our girls have always been hugely happy with their day, their teachers and their experience. Huge thanks to a fabulous nursery.

The school does a very good job of keeping us up to date on what the children are learning through weekly communications, including photos. If we ever have a concern about anything at all, both teachers and the team in the office are always extremely approachable and willing to help. 
The curriculum is broad and well thought through. The variety of clubs is wide, from Science to Karate and the external staff engaged for these activities are also very good. I would highly recommend this nursery to another parent.
I have full confidence in all the teachers and in the school's leadership, especially considering how well my eldest son has gone on to do in reception. All the staff at Miss Delaney's have built really strong relationships with both my boys and the school has created the perfect balance between discipline and calmness and fun! I know that it has been remarked by many parents at children’s parties that you can spot a Miss Delaney's boy - they are calmer, more self-assured and more in control than many boys from other nurseries.
My son’s behaviour has seen a marked improvement since he attended Miss Delaney’s. The school has high expectations for my child but it does so in a balanced and age appropriate way. The school lets me know how my child is doing, they are very engaged and have regular dialogue during school drop off and pick ups, as well as scheduled parent teacher feedback sessions. I would recommend the school as it is a great blend of structured learning and play in a safe and warm environment.
We are very happy with the school and the exceptional level of care provided by the staff. Especially for my son who has been diagnosed with Autism, the school supported us every step of the way to ensure he receives the right support and progress/ develop to his full potential. We could not think of a better nursery for a toddler to begin his/her school career. The professionalism, love and care from all the staff has made Miss Delaney's a truly amazing place! 
The teachers are so caring and affectionate, there is always such a happy and warm vibe for both children and adults. The classroom set-up every morning is different and original, using a wide variety of resources. It is a joy to see what new skills my son has learnt at nursery and it surprises me how fast they can master new skills. The structure and routine really helps the children feel safe and the teachers are really great at being patient, caring but firm with discipline. 
Mrs Frost and Mrs Murray are on the door every morning so I can ask any questions or they are very easily contactable by telephone or email. The teachers really take the time to discuss any additional needs, including the potty training process or dealing with tiredness (when transitioning to longer days) and are a real source of information. It is clear they are very aware of your child’s needs, emotions and behaviours.
The additional activities of dance, yoga and Cherry Stars (music and movement) are a real draw, giving him a variety of experiences. I also love the focus on daily play outside and forest school, allowing my very active child to have the freedom to explore and play in all weathers. There is no area I think they are lacking and there is a constant introduction of new ideas.